Promotions: Events, Conferences & Exhibitions

How do you draw crowds to your stand at an event?

USBs can be pre-loaded with your presentation or pitch pack

Whether you are running a recruitment event, promoting your business or trying to engage fans, you need to catch the eye and draw in the interest of the crowds as they pass by. The techniques are simple:

  1. Attract attention with an eye-catching and “on brand” display
  2. Have a professional-looking stand and staff who understand your message
  3. Give stand visitors something to remember you by!

So you will need to have your team kitted out in matching promotional clothing. Make sure it is fresh and new! T-shirts, caps and neck straps are excellent value. You can have them branded with your logo or the theme of your stand to create a professional experience for visitors.

Giving your customers something to remember you by could be any kind of promotional gift. Shopper bags are excellent for holding printed materials. Or you could give your visitors a USB pre-loaded with your presentation or pitch-pack. Simple, practical re-usable gifts are what works best. And of course there is always the traditional free pen – more business people remember the brand on a promotional pen they have received than advertising they have read in a magazine.

But of course the most essential item you need is name cards/business cards.

Have a great event!


New iPad sleeve now in stock!

iPad Sleeve
The new promotional iPad Sleeve from BrandHK

We have been building up quite a collection of new products on the BrandHK catalogue, and there are some stunning technology gifts that will make your promotion really hit its objectives.

We now stock a range of different colors of iPad sleeves so your customers can keep their precious tablet devices clean and safe. The material is neoprene, which is soft, lightweight and easily printed. It can even be made into a fully reversible, two-color sleeve!

Did you know that in Hong Kong, about 25% of professionals use tablets to browse the web for business purposes (we have seen that from our own website analytics data)? So there is a huge opportunity for companies who want to promote to professionals for their online services. Your brand is right in front of your customer at the point where they are about to go online!

Check it out on our website by clicking here!

Great quality metal gifts now in stock!

We are pleased to announce the launch of 12 exciting new promotional gifts to our range. We have new keyrings, cufflinks and a very elegant bottle opener and corkscrew.

Each item is made with solid metal and has a very high quality feel. They will be laser engraved or printed on our premises using our eco-friendly production techniques. We hold stock so you can have your order ready in just 10 days.

And there are a range of bespoke packaging options for each gift so you can create something totally unique and very impressive. Ask our Sales Team for details.
Click here for details!


Get ready for the Dragon Boat races!

Get ready for the Dragon Boat races!
Fast, thrilling and fun! The Dragon Boat festival is the highlight of June in Hong Kong. Get your team paddling with our range of exciting promotional gifts:

  • Fast: Many gifts including t-shirts can be printed in just 3 hours.
  • Thrilling: We can print your logo or team name onto anything!
  • Fun: There is a huge range to choose from.

So don’t delay – Click here for details!

May the best dragon win!

Presentation is everything: Chinese Lunar New Year business gifts & Christmas business gifts

Promotional gifts have amazing power to build brands and communicate a message. But all too often companies don’t pay enough attention to the way in which their customers / audience experience receiving the gift. Promotional gifts work because of the perceived value of the gift. This is what enables promotional gifts to change buying behaviour, increase loyalty and cement relationships.

Let’s take an example of gold pen. Cross Rolled Gold Pen

The not-so-humble gold pen is a beautiful gift that we usually sell, laser engraved with a logo, for our clients to give to valued customers or staff. The gift itself is valuable and will be highly valued. Now imagine that you are the end customer receiving this gift. How would you feel if:

  1. We made cross town to collect the gift;
  2. We gave it to you in a beaten up brown box;
  3. And we got your name wrong?
Typically people would respond by either not collecting the gift or, having collected it, they would think the company and the product “cheap” and of low quality. This not an unrealistic scenario as too many loyalty or reward promotions around the world are done in this way. So presentation matters!
Get it right! It’s easy.
When you plan your promotion, make sure you do 4 things:
  1. Buy a gift that is right for your customer.
  2. Ensure it is packaged nicely, because the packaging is the first thing they will see. Even cornflakes come in carefully chosen packaging. Gift boxes and gift sets have a huge perceived value and are often kept in their entirety.
  3. Get your customer’s details right so they feel you know and care about them. That means checking your data.
  4. Make it easy for your customers to claim their gift (otherwise they may not bother and you will have wasted your money!)
BrandHK Gift Set

Promotional campaigns in the iPad era

The New Touch Pen from BrandHKThere is no doubt that personalized promotional gifts work. But now that customers are managing more and more of their lives from their smart devices, what does this mean for successful promotions campaigns? The simple answer is: go back to the basics.

1. Know your customer: some demographics use smart phones more than others. Everyone still uses pens (one of the most reliable and persistent promotional gifts), but these days Google Maps is more often used than printed city maps. So make sure your promotional gift idea is current and relevant to the customer.

2. Know your objective: why do you want to communicate to the customer and what do you want them to do? If you want to stay in front of your customers then a branded mug or mouse mat still does the job. If your objective is to reward loyal high-value clients then beautifully engraved crystal glasses and a bottle of champagne are hard to beat when saying “thank you”. There’s no app for that!

3. Know your place! Smart phones and iPhones are highly personal technology. Customers may not want to clog up their phones with marketing spam so be wary about developing apps or covers. There is nothing wrong with doing it if your brand is right for the purpose.

That is not to say that you can’t jump on the bandwagon and really connect with your customers through their beloved gadgets. Engaging social media campaigns are de rigeur in the marketing world. There are also more and more options for accessorizing the customer’s personal technology. The Touch Pen from BrandHK (pictured) brings together the old and the new: a classic high quality rollerball pen, branded with your logo, and a rubber tip designed for accurate interaction with touch screen devices like iPads and HTC smart phones. And of course you can always give your customers the latest gadgets… if your budget stretches to that!

So promotional gifts in the smart device age will not be fundamentally different. You want something new and you want to get your message across in a way that stays front of mind and matches your brand.

Top tops: get the most from your Hong Kong conference or event

If you have never exhibited at a conference or event before it can be daunting. And if you have, you’ll know how much planning and effort it takes (and how sore your feet can be by the end of the day!) So to make life a little easier, we have found 3 great web sites to help you get the most out of your investment. As old hands at conferences we have tried and tested these top tips, so we hope they will serve you well.Hong Kong Exhibition Centre

  • Love Events have a very easy list to work through and the “Survival Kit” will make sure that you are not caught short of anything essential. We would add hot chilli sauce to the list – conference food is too bland!
  • This UK-based event has an excellent section on lead management and follow-up. The main reason you are there is to meet people right? So make sure you don’t forget them!
  • And, of course, make sure you have all the promotional giveaways and namecards that you will need. Namecards go without saying, but so many people forget to check they have enough. BrandHK can have them ready for collection in central Hong Kong in just 3 hours, so add them to your emergency numbers!

Promotional gifts at conferences are of course very popular, but do they work? From working in the industry for over 15 years I can tell you that pens are almost always a winner. A visitor to your stand can just pop the pen into their bag or jacket and- hey presto – next time they need a pen, your name will be right in front of them. But don’t take our word for it, this is one of the most famous major published surveys (PDF) I have seen on promotional effectiveness.


  1. Plan ahead
  2. Get your follow-up strategy in place
  3. Get your emergency merchandise and namecards supplier
  4. Wear comfortable shoes.

Good luck!

FranklinCovey launches new range for Hong Kong

Personalized pens make all the difference
Franklin Covey pen and gift box

Introducing the new FranklinCovey Collection, stylish writing instruments crafted exclusively at A.T. Cross for FranklinCovey, world leader in time management and organisations. Functional and affordable, these premium quality, refillable writing instruments have been developed to complement the popular FranklinCovey planning systems.

Each FranklinCovey pen is accompanied by a lifetime mechanical guarantee assuring many years of writing pleasure.

Personalized Umbrellas printed with your logo

Umbrellas are one of those timeless classic promotional gifts. Highly versatile the umbrella really is a “gift for all seasons” – ideal for sunshine and rain. Our research showed that 80% of customers kept their promotional umbrella for personal use.

It’s personal! In our survey, over 60% of customers said they had been upset by the loss of a promotional umbrella. We know that successful branding is more than just getting your logo in front of a customer: it is about forming an emotional bond with your customer. So make your customers happy and give them a promotional umbrella, stylishly branded with your logo or marketing message.

But quality counts… BrandHK’s range of promotional umbrellas use good quality fibreglass frames and chrome-plated steel frames and high quality pongee fabric (far better than polyester).

Callaway printed golf balls and Callaway printed polo shirts

Callaway golf products have an enviable reputation in the world of golf. The Company philosophy is to design, create and sell better golf equipment.  Founded by Ely Callaway the Company has gone from strength to strength and is now the equipment of choice for many golfers.

This is evident at corporate golf days when sponsors look for relevant, acceptable promotional gifts for their guests. Printed golf balls are a popular souvenir but, while the Callaway brand itself is appreciated, the best balls are those with the sponsor’s name added.  Printed golf balls can be ordered in Hong Kong from companies such as Brand HK who use only genuine branded golf balls but then add an overprint in one or more colours to suit the client’s requirements.  The finished printed golf balls offer the “halo effect” of linking the sponsor with the qualities associated with Callaway.

To add print to a Callaway ball has to be done carefully to ensure the quality is of the same high class. Brand HK have years of experience with printed golf balls so can guarantee an impeccable result.

In addition to printed golf balls as a souvenir some Companies like to offer Callaway polo shirts. Like the golf balls these shirts are made to exacting standards with the Callaway logo but they can also be further decorated. Personalised polo shirts make a long lasting and very acceptable gift and provide a lasting reminder of a golf day.

Shirts can be personalised in Hong Kong using print or embroidery. Brand HK can supply genuine Callaway shirts and can brand the shirts as required. Whether you choose a printed polo shirt or an embroidered polo shirt the final product can only enhance your golfing experience.