There’s nothing like the feel of real leather

Real leather promotional gifts are ideally suited to high-end differentiated brand positioning. Leather has a high quality feel and smell that cannot be matched by other materials. Most importantly, if you are promoting to executives or high-net-worth individuals, leather gifts have a very high perceived value.

Practical leather gifts work best, combining functionality and style. A leather wallet will be treasured by the person who receives it. A leather portfolio will look stylish and professional in a meeting. I still have the leather portfolio I picked up from IBM in 1994!

Real Leather Gifts from BrandHK

The branding options for leather gifts depend on the type of material and audience. The most stylish are the subtle embossing of a logo onto the product, as pictured here in this Leather Passport Holder from BrandHK. Embossing is now highly sophisticated and can reproduce pretty much any logo.

Alternatively you can choose foil stamping for a gold effect. Screen printing is also possible for a modern feel, but you should ask the BrandHK Sales Team if the material is suitable. The fine texture on many leathers can make printed logo reproduction difficult. So you need to check what option will be right for you!

So you have selected the perfect gift for your customer. Now you need to present your promotional gift in style! A matching pen or USB is a popular gift set combination with leather wallets and portfolios.

A gift box with a branded message will also look spectacular. At BrandHK we custom cut the plush-feel inner of the box to snugly hold your gifts in place in this stunning presentational set. Below we have combined a real leather luggage tag with a printed suitcase combination lock. This makes a stunning set mounted in a custom made box. Ideal for travelling executives!

Real Leather Gift Set from BrandHK

Don’t miss out! If you are promoting to high value customers or stakeholders, look at real leather gifts and gift sets today.

Click here to visit the BrandHK site!


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