Charity Souvenirs Special Offer

BrandHK is a caring company. We give back to the community via a comprehensive charity discount scheme. If you are a charity registered in Hong Kong then you can benefit from incredible discounts on our catalogue of printed souvenirs and promotional gifts.

There are 3 steps to get your discount…

1. Get your supporters to Like us on Facebook

2. Get your supporters to Follow us on Twitter

3. Link to our website from your website.

All very easy. Visit our website to get full details of our charity souvenir discounts.

Hong Kong Charity Souvenirs


The ethical option: promotional pens that don’t cost the earth

Eco Bamboo Pen from BrandHKPersonalized pens printed with your logo are one of the best selling promotional gifts on the market. Year after year they are in the top three gifts purchased to promote companies. The reason is simple: printed promotional pens are a better return on investment than advertising. They drive brand engagement and loyalty in a way that print or online advertising cannot compete with.

Just think about it. Pens are both necessary and useful. And if you can give customers a pen that looks good and feels nice to write with then they will often cherish it. That is quite an achievement for a low-cost give-away. But time and again the research shows that people recall the brand written on the pen they were given 6 months ago. Much greater recall than any of the 100-or-so ads they have just skimmed past in a magazine.

It used to be the case that the choices of ethical pens available was limited. Often ugly products with little to recommend them. But over recent years the range of environmentally-friendly promotional pens has grown on the market and now includes a range of styles and options to suit any budget. One of our favourite additions is the Eco Bamboo pen, made from recycled plastic and sustainable bamboo barrel. There is no way that this pen would be considered a “second best” option.

If you are struggling to balance your company’s ethical purchasing policy with a promotional gift that works (within your budget) then check out our range of Eco Pens.


So what does the beach have to do with my brand?

BrandHK: Custom Products that make your brand GOOD

At BrandHK we are always looking for promotional merchandise that your customers will love.

9 out of 10 people keep promotional gifts because they are useful, and 94% can recall the brand of the company that gave the gift. So if you want to keep your brand in front of customers for a long time, you need to give them something that will fit in with their lifestyles and associate your name with “good times”.

The humble “towel in a tube” is a good example. Whether your customers are going to the gym or the beach, this miniature cotton towel is small and portable and comes in its own plastic tube so the other stuff in your bag does not get wet. This practical and useful design means that your customers will keep the product and use it when they are having fun at the beach, allowing your brand to be associated with “good times” in their lives.

And over 40% of your customers will keep it for over a year, typically. That means your brand stays in front of them day after day. What kind of advertising would you have to do to achieve that kind of exposure?

Custom printed smartphone travel gifts

Are you looking for a unique gift that business customers will keep? The Portable Solar Charger from BrandHK is a custom printed iPhone accessory that is ideal for business customers.


We have tested it with Samsung, HTC and iPhones and, at 800mah capacity, it packs enough punch to keep you connected when you are on the beach. The charger comes with a range of accessories including a USB connector for fast charging.


Printed business gifts work best when your logo is printed on something that your customers will keep and use often. As a promotional gift, the Portable Solar Charger from BrandHK definitely fits the bill.

Eco gifts for conferences are in the bag

Did you know that bags are still the number one seller for gifts requested by customers?

So for your next conference or event, choose a gift that really has class: the Eco Gift Bag from BrandHK. Made from beautiful and robust natural jute canvas which is both biodegradable and sustainable. The textile fabric selected has minimal environmental impact for both the cultivation of the fibre and for the manufacturing process.

This bag is designed in the UK and made to export standards of quality and finish.

You can print any color logo for crisp, clean finish.

And for Hong Kong customers, the Eco Gift Bag is in stock and can be ready in just three hours!

Hundreds of printed promotional gifts in stock

Just because China closes down for the Lunar New Year, it doesn’t have to stop you get great promotional gifts! At BrandHK we hold hundreds of great products in stock. So if you need to do a promotion in a hurry then come to us.

Our STAR PRODUCTS are all the ones we keep in stock for quick delivery. We have a printing facility on-site so we can turn around orders in just a few hours if you need them!

We like to think that nobody in Hong Kong can beat us for service and speed. So browse our website now!

Promotional VIP Travel Charger Offer

We have a special offer running on VIP Travel Chargers!Image
The VIP travel charger is the must have executive accessory. Ideal for charging your smartphone, mobile, camera, MP3, PSP or even tablet on the go. This handy device is rechargeable using any usb port – no batteries required.
The VIP travel charger comes with Apple, Samsung and Nokia charging ports as well as a mini and micro USB port (suitable for most other phones including the Blackberry).
At BrandHK we can engrave or print your logo as required for maximum impact. We can box these up in custom gift boxes with hot foil stamped branding on the top too. So you can make this a really impressive gift for key customers.

Stunning new personalized bamboo gift set from BrandHK

The Bamboo Gift Set is an exciting new promotional gift offer from BrandHK. The set includes:
– the Bamboo Notebook
– an Eco Bamboo Pen
– a Bamboo USB.

The gifts are all printed with your logo and packaged inside this attractive, personalized presentation box (see on the right).

This will really impress customers and staff, so order yours today for Christmas, Lunar New Year or any other opportunity to tell them how important they are to you.

There’s nothing like the feel of real leather

Real leather promotional gifts are ideally suited to high-end differentiated brand positioning. Leather has a high quality feel and smell that cannot be matched by other materials. Most importantly, if you are promoting to executives or high-net-worth individuals, leather gifts have a very high perceived value.

Practical leather gifts work best, combining functionality and style. A leather wallet will be treasured by the person who receives it. A leather portfolio will look stylish and professional in a meeting. I still have the leather portfolio I picked up from IBM in 1994!

Real Leather Gifts from BrandHK

The branding options for leather gifts depend on the type of material and audience. The most stylish are the subtle embossing of a logo onto the product, as pictured here in this Leather Passport Holder from BrandHK. Embossing is now highly sophisticated and can reproduce pretty much any logo.

Alternatively you can choose foil stamping for a gold effect. Screen printing is also possible for a modern feel, but you should ask the BrandHK Sales Team if the material is suitable. The fine texture on many leathers can make printed logo reproduction difficult. So you need to check what option will be right for you!

So you have selected the perfect gift for your customer. Now you need to present your promotional gift in style! A matching pen or USB is a popular gift set combination with leather wallets and portfolios.

A gift box with a branded message will also look spectacular. At BrandHK we custom cut the plush-feel inner of the box to snugly hold your gifts in place in this stunning presentational set. Below we have combined a real leather luggage tag with a printed suitcase combination lock. This makes a stunning set mounted in a custom made box. Ideal for travelling executives!

Real Leather Gift Set from BrandHK

Don’t miss out! If you are promoting to high value customers or stakeholders, look at real leather gifts and gift sets today.

Click here to visit the BrandHK site!